Who Am I?

This page is for more personal insights and autobiographical reflections. As an added layer of information to the patina of multidimensional output I spuriously generate, I include this confused madness to offer a deeper understanding of my personal journey and to hopefully allow the main Ultimate Reality section of this website to remain reasonably free from too many irrelevant and self defeating side tracks.

Spiritual Biography

Galactic Connections

Hailing from the Pleiades, with full support from our local Star brothers and sisters of Arcturian, Sirian, Lyrian location and energy… and all Galactic systems.

Original ‘home’ star is Altair (in Aquilla constellation), I represent the Council of Nine. These guys are universally conscious and apparently manifest as something akin to a network of fungus. Mushroom consciousness!

I’m here to endorse the Galactic Federation of Light, sharing the message of imminent contact and Earth inauguration into the wider Galactic community.

My mission is to simply embody the energy of my star family. I operate as an artist; creating, painting, playing and communicating. I observe and integrate. I shine and bring balance. I heal and transcend duality.

Everything is One.

All is Love.

Twin Flame Starseed

On mission with @jenenebean - at some point the addiction to human drama recedes and we let go and receive. Doing the inner work. Surrendering and allowing the universe to take command of an impossible madness, overwhelm and confusion… we finally see the results reflected in physicality.

As we marry our Divine Masculine & Feminine aspects within we find a peace which allows the next step to occur - the conscious spiritual relationship. Beyond comprehension, beyond words or fleeting thought-forms,