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Universal Alignment

Beautiful and beloved Starseeded ones. This journey is the most profound yet of all of our multidimensional eternal existences. We are Stars! And to contain that knowledge and energy within a tired and abused human vessel, afraid and alone, is so far beyond unbearable that only the strength of the Love you have in your heart for yourself keeps you going. That is how much you love yourself. Even though you may not be feeling it right now. xxx

I do personal sessions over skype, facetime, facebook video message...

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Galactic Healing

With Galactic Healing, the practitioner acts purely as a channel for higher energies to come through and give you the perfect healing for you at the time. The element of human error is removed to allow Angels, Ascended Masters and other beings of 100% pure light to work with your energy in a subtle but powerful way.

This treatment dissolves blockages and helps to shift the habitual thought and behavioural patterns which lead to ill health. It's great for helping you overcome obstacles on your ascension journey, allowing you to align more fully with your higher self and release whatever is coming up for you at this time.

Treatment is offered in a relaxing environment with plenty of time for a full explanation, consultation and personal support.

Space clearing and distance healing is also available. (See below)

2 hours, £88, One-on-One.

In no way secondary to my art practice, I offer healing as I am required to share this divine gift for my own holistic wellbeing.


Personal Support

As humanity shifts from Newtonian to Quantum reality we are each required to make a huge shift in our own consciousness. The results are Heavenly but the process can be overwhelming, painful and confusing at times.

An experienced navigator of multidimensional life, Will provides a safe and confidential space for exploring the ups and downs of your own journey. You are invited for informal personal support and guidance.

2 hours, £88, One-on-One.

Everything will be OK. Bless you for reading these words, you are Loved. The Light is all around you xxx


Distance Healing

Distance healing really works! Don’t get me started on Quantum theory...

Anyway, I send healing for 20mins. We chat for 10mins after... It’s £22.

It can work any way you like but I find it useful to get and give immediate feedback afterwards so I recommend sitting quietly with relaxing music at the same time as I’m sending healing. I can send healing for you to download at any time. In fact I am imbuing these words with a little magic right now just for you x

Breathe. Let go. I love you x The Universe loves you x



I have always had this gift but recently I have trained in Usui and Angelic Reiki to give me some structural basis. The Angels, the Amazing Ascended Masters and Galactics all clamour to help out during these sessions. We have so much support at this glorious time of ascension.


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'Polymath' PayPal: PayPal.Me/WilliamReardon

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Contact me on 07729019877 or will@williamreardon.co.uk

One Love x

William Reardon



1) The reiki therapy I had was very helpful and I noticed the effects afterwards. It kind of feels like an unspoken yet guided meditation; you can feel your stresses and pressures lifting away and end up euphoric and relaxed. I had a flood of vivid, happy memories from my childhood which rose to the surface and spent much of the session swimming in a clear sweet water lake. When the session ended, I felt very at peace and although my worries were still there, I had more of a separation from them and could see things from a wider perspective. It was important to drink lots of water for a few days afterwards.Will was very gentle and sympathetic. His spirit is very calming and he takes care to make sure you are comfortable. I was sceptical about reiki until I tried it and found it more effective than other therapies I’ve tried.

2) I have had the great honour of experiencing Angelic Reiki with William Reardon. Instantly when I arrived at his home, I was made to feel comfortable and at peace. The warmth and positive energy illuminated in the surroundings. Will explained to me what would happen and this being my first time for Angelic Reiki I thought he would be laying hands on me but much to my surprise he said he wasn’t going to, instead he would channel the energy. Feeling a little sceptical and unsure how effective the healing might be we moved forward. I found a comfortable place to lay, relaxed, controlled my breathing and mind slowly began to wonder. Then, amazing things began to happen. I felt a great presence around me. I could see two dark shadows next to me. I could hear a voice telling me everything would be alright. Incredibly, my head had been hurting all day and this (what felt like) a hand reached up my spine, past my neck and then suddenly the pain in my head disappeared. After, I asked Will if he had touched me because the feeling was so intense and real but of course he hadn’t, these where the Angels. This is just one example of the incredible experiences I have had working with Will, being open to Angelic Reiki and allowing something greater than myself into my life. I feel energised and renewed! Thank you.

3) Will provides a very relaxing and non judgemental healing environment. I feel I’m in very safe and professional hands. With the added effect of receiving a profound healing experience clearing out blockages in the form of tears and waves of cold energy. I’m convinced there isn’t an energetic blockage that he cannot help me heal. He has an all encompassing healing energy which is gentle and powerful at the same time. Very pure from source. He has helped me several times with different emotional and physical health issues. Will is a brilliant healer, I’d highly recommend him.

I’m feeling great, getting little essential things done that I haven’t been able to do for weeks...Like take my computer to be repaired...Feeling so much better. Plus after having lost two clients because they are moving home up North, today I’ve just gained three clients... unrelated...I’m not blocked anymore. I’m manifesting good things and I’m happy. I can assure you I wasn’t doing this before my Reiki on Sunday. Thank you.

4) A wonderful blessed remote healing from Will Reardon - I journeyed as he journeyed, sensing where the energy was travelling, where the pain blockages and tension were in my injured arm. I felt it swirling and flowing, reconnecting through the injury site and to the well area in the shoulder. The music Will offered supported the journey and added another level of soothing calm. Thank you so much dear soul brother 💜(This was the music - its amazing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXy6VE6PoGQ)

Bookings and Payment

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'Polymath' PayPal: PayPal.Me/WilliamReardon

PM me on facebook for bookings / chat

Contact me on 07729019877 or will@williamreardon.co.uk