Space = Heaven

An introductory guide to Ultimate Reality

Due to the nature of this project there can be no beginning and no end. The only certainty is that the end is only the beginning of something larger. I hope to inspire viewers to begin an exploration of their own.

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Everything is Amazing!

I hope to create an impression that the non-physical realms are wonderful beyond measure.  We are part of something incredible.

The unconditional love and divine light beyond the material world is where we belong, not something to be feared. Everything is One. One LOVE. Love you ALL.

Welcome to the New Age!

A Guide to Ultimate Reality

This project is meant to give a broad introduction to the expansive reality beyond that portrayed in the media, taught in our schools and justified by science.

As with Ultimate Reality the central focus is an infinite singularity. The oneness of everything is the main concept I wish to convey. Stemming from this ultimate truth the information offered is a random smattering of new age thinking and ideas, any of which my spark a lifelong study or be happily disregarded.

Please discern this information with the intuition of your heart, rather than trying to understand, judge or believe it with your mind! Thanks.

Video offers a more personal insight into the experience of awakening: