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Earth Star Nation - A community of conscious leaders

A Vision of Unity

Peace on Earth with enlightened leadership. Law of One. 
Humanitarian projects, benevolent governance. NESARA / GESARA law. 
Acceptance into the Galactic Federation as a new Star Nation.
Earth as a showcase planet. Ascended humanity as universal teachers.


Work together to make a fabulous success with our individual plans.
Start local enterprises, grow into larger communities.
Collaborate with similar networks. We share the same dream.
Begin small, support each other and our unique talents.
Eventually blossoms to become indistinguishable from entire Earth culture.

Online FB group & website

Connect and share with soul-family.
Events and information.
Description, Mission and Vision.
Portal to individual member websites, member profiles.


Investment Opportunity

A chain of stores / café hubs
The First Overtly New Age Super-Chain - Earth Star Nation
Celebrating Earth's 5D ascension, Unaffiliated Enlightened Community.


Create network of hubs to unify spiritual community
Provide visible place-to-go for lost souls.
Acts as proud and grounded 5D establishment.
Links happily with other similar enterprises.
Provides information, healing and support.
Creates community.


Get funding to create business plan package & video.
Get actual funding for initial set-up.
Buy floundering chains and rebrand.
Boards of Directors. HR team to organise personnel.


Turns no-one away.
(Soon becomes) donation only or free.
Provides loving support, food, shelter, healthcare to all.
Quickly becomes alternative government.



Café / Hub

Smoothies & Organic cafés. Alternative information outlet.
Yoga / healing / meditation / dance etc. Health food, medicine.
Art gallery, shop - crystals, books etc.
Acts as gateway to public.
Roll out as 'chain'

Property & Estate

Hotel / stately home with grounds.
Healing, sanctuary. Build pyramids.
Community accommodation. Retreat accommodation.
Human / Lightbeing interaction locations. Spaceport.
HQ operations. Council meeting rooms.
Creative arts space.
Log cabins, domes and tents.
Wattle and daub. Eco-design throughout.
Nature and elegant design.
Animals & farming. Expands into entire alternative system.
Roll out as worldwide network. 
Link up with similar. Becomes new Earth culture.


Merchandise - centralised process for funding and production.
Marketing and PR - design dept.
Publications - books, films etc.
Products - new technology. Free energy, humanitarian...
Designer spiritual goods.
Food, health, clothing, books, crystals, music, incense.

Sustainable Systems Design

Interaction with government, industry.
Becomes synonymous with government.

Roll out

Worldwide with small local locations with farmland.
Accommodation etc for long-term and transient populations.

Notes on these notes

Hopefully the mix of real world 3D systems of investment, marketing, products etc with spiritual ideals isn't too alarming... this is an idea of how to BUILD, manifest a new culture.

Funding will be available for projects but these will have to be grounded ideas which work as businesses.

These notes intentionally create a pathway from smaller projects to entire global restructure. 

This is a fun idea with purely benevolent aims. Its a dream of intention. Its a starting place to design and build a system. It is a bridge. It is part of an unstoppable process.