What is the Galactic Federation?

What is the Galactic Federation?

What is the Galactic Federation?

The Galactic Federation is like the United Nations of the galaxy (The Milky Way). All galaxies have Galactic Federations and they all belong to a grand Universal Federation.

The Galactic Federation (GF) is made up of many thousands of civilisations or 'Star Nations'.

To qualify for inclusion into the GF as a Star Nation each civilisation must reach a certain level of evolutionary cultural maturity. A Star Nation usually consists of a planet, or group of planets. Other confederations, unions, councils and alliances interact with the GF in a vast galactic network of Love and Light.

The full name of the GF is The Galactic Federation of Light. Civilisations belonging to the GF are peaceful spiritually advanced cultures. Enlightened cultures aligned to Universal Consciousness and the Law of One. Each individual member of every Star Nation is accepted as a Free and Sovereign Being.

Planet Earth is currently shifting towards a state of peaceful Unity, perhaps despite appearances! We have to throw off a few layers of darkness in the process naturally. When we achieve our collective human destiny of Peace on Earth, we will automatically qualify for inclusion into the GF as a new Star Nation - Earth Star Nation. This promises to be a celebration none will ever forget, a huge galactic jubilee is planned! We will be reunited with our Star Family and humans will begin to explore the vastly wider reality suddenly available to us.

Many individual members of the Galactic Federation are currently embodied here on Earth to facilitate this process. These undercover galactic representatives are the beloved Starseeds currently uniting in Love to help smooth this amazing transition. Thank you and bright starlight blessings to all of you brave souls! xxx


In Popular Culture

If some of this sounds familiar, or very much like a work of fiction, that is of no surprise. Conceptual information and consciousness of the existence of something like a GF is widespread in modern popular culture. Star Trek and the 'Culture' novels by Iain M Banks describe a similar idea. In fact Gene Roddenbury (Star Trek) was directly inspired to disseminate this information which he was made aware of at a series of channellings by Phyllis V. Schlemmer documented in the seminal publication 'The Only Planet of Choice'.

Roddenbury doesn't explore the spiritual side of the GF in his series, presumably to appease Hollywood and a secular audience. Star Wars famously does include the concept of 'The Force' - very much giving a spiritual dimension to the films, which are apparently based on the true story of the Orion Wars.

More recently the actual concept of the Galactic Federation has been given the Hollywood treatment in Cartoon Network's 'Rick and Morty'. Of course the GF are portrayed as malevolent invaders inline with the tired NWO storyline.


Personal Connection

I first heard mention of the GF in a book called Crop Circles Revealed. This was some of the first channelled material I had come across and just reading those words - The Galactic Federation - was a huge activation for me. A reality so far from everyday life as we know it, and yet so close to my heart.

As my spiritual path has progressed I have found solace in the Lemurian teachings and use, study and invoke the Scared Flames daily. The teachings cite the Galactic Federation as an collective which includes both our planetary Angels and Ascended Masters along with our starry spiritual friends.

The concept of the Galactic Federation for me encapsulates the most expansive and exciting reality. I'm currently only aware of these things intuitively but of course my higher self is up there on a ship smiling down at little me writing these words... Of course we are all truly 'Source Manifest' and so on some level my higher self in charge of the entire fleet, and so is yours.


Where are they then?

Will they rescue us? What's going on here? What does all this mean? OK - lets go back to Star Trek. I'm no trekkie but there's this thing called The Prime Directive. Iain M Banks also covers a lot of fascinating ground around the interactions between civilisations of different evolutionary levels.

The Galactic Federation has limits to the level at which they interact with less evolved civilisations. There are many reasons for this. This is a huge area of interest, culminating in ideas which question the entire reality we live in and the meaning of life.

If this is all a giant game of ascension, we cannot be helped - we have to overcome our inner and outer demons and adversaries and meet our beloved guides, angels and gods in Heaven. We have to figure it out by ourselves. Otherwise we may as well not have had this experience at all.

If they had come down and rescued me when I was praying so hard that they would I would never have had the opportunity to stand up and become the Galactic leader my soul so wants to be. The same goes for the planet in general. Do we really want a sky full of ships to materialise and rescue us just as we're about to prove to them, and ourselves, that we're capable of coming together in love on our own?

This is the way it must be. And so we see them interact on the sly! There seem to be relatively few people channelling written or spoken information directly from the Galactic Federation. (Certainly compared to the Angels and Masters who have a greater mastery of our language and low vibration). The GF sends a supportive life-force energy beyond words which is expressed in art, geometry, music and light language spoken or written.

The issue is that news of the consistently non-materialising new benevolent financial system quickly gets tiring. The higher realms exist outside of time and so tend to be unreliable when it comes to dates and deadlines. Its all about vibration, and they sense we are close. These channellings give us hope, but we still need to do the inner work to begin to manifest our dreams.

Also on the sly they have sent down a huge team of avatars programmed to awaken and do their bidding. As a Starseed or Lightworker, we know instinctively that we are here representing the Galactic higher realms. Both by doing work such as this - translating the vibration of universal consciousness into human language. Making ascension normal! Also just by holding the light, dreaming of a positive outcome, being massively sensitive and transmuting imbalanced energy back into light.

So we are Here! ...is the answer. We have awoken, now we have to manifest. Walk the talk. At least we are talking.

So we have to piece the puzzle together. Except we don't, because we know in our hearts what is truth. It is a feeling, a knowing, far beyond thought, let alone words.

How can there be a 'Spiritual Hierarchy'?

How does that work? Why is it called a Federation? Why are there councils and how dare they lord it over us when we're all beautiful spiritual beings? Obviously these guys have attained a high degree of spiritual mastery. They are not in it for the power. They have the confidence, trust, control, wisdom and skill to take charge of planets, solar systems and galaxies. And we cannot even control what we put in our bodies, or how we act when we're upset. They deserve their position and require a great degree of respect. They love and care for us, and they want us to succeed in evolving to be even greater levels than themselves.

T-Shirts and Brand

So I've created this brand and logo. I've tried to make the logo pretty simplistic, not wanting to presume the design of the actual GF logo. I assume they approve. It certainly feels awesome, protective and elevating to wear it on your chest. Naturally the trinity is represented within the oneness. Triangles and circles are the ultimate expression of being in this reality.

I created these items so that we (Starseeds) can identify one another in the street, helping to ground Galactic culture down here on Planet level. Bringing Heaven to Earth we are.

So often we walk around lamenting the sleeping masses with their iphones, headphones and hoodies... and yet what do I look like when I walk the street? Just the same. And I'm like totally awake here!

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