Along with Lemuria, this mystical civilisation existed on Earth before the so-called 'fall of man'. Both were advanced civilizations flourishing on a higher vibration therefore existing outside our current idea of linear time.

From a historical perspective they spanned the millennia from around 70,000BC until the destruction of Atlantis around 10,000BC.

From a metaphysical perspective they were a previous cycle in many ways concurrent to ours.

They can be understood as alternate Timelines, many people reporting memories of past or parallel lives lived on these lost continents.

Evidence for these master civilizations can be found in the similarities between supposedly unconnected known ancient civilisations around the world.

The spiritual and technological power source of Atlantis was a great crystal pyramid which now lies under the Bermuda triangle causing unexplained phenomena in that area.

Lemuria had a natural 'Garden of Eden' style society whereas Atlantis was more technological. 

They both had a deep universal understanding of reality but complications with technology, power and negative outside forces led to the apocalyptic demise of Atlantis.

We are currently in a similar position in our society but love will save the day just at the very point of collapse.

As the sickness of modern society becomes more obvious, we are shifting towards and concurrently building an amazing future of love and light, joy and peace.

Timelines are merging as we connect back to the eternal understanding of who we are and what everything is. 

We are Everything and Always have been. When we 'fell' we forgot this. The veil came down and we slept. Now we are awakening.

We are 'rising' or ascending in vibration.

Above Below

Above Below

Ultimate Reality

Ultimate Reality