Monumental Universal Thinking

Monumental Universal Thinking

New awesome waves of light are reflecting back to us from our own future. This light is revealing new levels of information about the magnitude of our current situation.

All beings of light, angels, Christed ETs, historical messiahs, the currently manifested awakened population, our souls, our intuition, spiritual awareness are One and the same - they are us, our future selves - inspiring us, guiding us and aiding us towards an amazing unitive future.

We can't see them from this domain as we have to become them. We are becoming them. We are them. We have to do this job. We are doing this job. We have to rise up and play our part. We are ascending. They can't do it for us. We have to create this shift from infinite expansive separation back towards singular contractive unity.

Why? What is this ultimate game of absolute universal necessity?


The universe works in cycles. Big explosive expansion, big implosive contraction. This is the breath of the universe.

We are currently at the moment between the out breath and the in breath.


From our perspective, as individual conscious manifestations of the entire universe, we are at our most exploded state. We have complete separation. We are living insular lives in the tiny cubicles of our fearful minds, divorced from one another. We live without connection to nature. Without communication with other worlds. Without inner connection to who we truly are.

We have dissolved ourselves into the most raw form possible. We have laid ourselves bare. We are vulnerable, weak, afraid, separated. This is the final dregs of the universal exhalation. Some have awakened to this crushing reality. Most are still in denial, the fear of touching that pain too much to bear. We mask the pain with distractions - drugs, addictions, busyness, illness, activity, rational mindsets - any sensory escapism to avoid this unbearable exhaustion.



As we inevitably realise that we've run out of outward momentum, we awaken to the wondrous possibility of reunification.

The very essence of our being longs for release, new oxygen... we are desperate to breathe in. We are drowning. Every aspect of the old world is geared toward this progressive separation. The New World will be a glorious progression back towards the ultimate unity of singular oneness, eventually resulting in another explosive Big Bang...

The onus is on us to either create or just experience (same difference) this changing of direction. 

We are here to witness this universal shift. Either consciously, as light workers, helping smooth the process... Or unconsciously, as a sleeping collective, ready to live though a planetary ascension / awakening / reunification / resurrection at the upcoming singular Event. Much love, compassion and gratitude must be conveyed to the sleeping population for holding on so long to the illusion for they are the brave souls who have truly lived out this incredible story to its momentus climax.


Yes, we will survive this. Yes, it is meant to be. Yes, we are in control. Yes, it will happen anyway - despite and because of any action we deem to take or not. Just being here is enough.

Lightworkers are here to foresee the shift and help build and lead the construction of the new world. We are here to explain and teach and set an example through action. We are here to shake up the darkness and smooth the flow back to the light. We are doing this. Gratitude and blessings to each and every one of you! Your glory awaits.

The beings of light cannot to it for us. We are the ones on the front line within the most solid, darkest, slowest moving energy. We are here manifest within 3D reality. We are bringing 'heaven to earth'. We are bringing the light to this realm, there is no 'try'. We are here that is enough.  We will unite, and prevail... the setbacks we experience are part of the experience. The healing process takes time. The urgency we all feel is the catalyst for change. The blockages we experience are the mountains we are moving. Do it with ease.

We can use a great deal of stress and hard work to create difficult and stressful lives. It is with great ease that we can create an easier life. Harmony, mutual support and connected togetherness is the way forward.

Currently we have a disparate, separated collective of lightworkers. This is also meant to be, for just as with the sleeping general population we are here to experience the incredible release of the Event. We are preparing for our future roles. There is no try, peacefully allow the process.

Don't wait for the Event. Do your light work. Live from the heart and your life will become easier. The universe will support you. Make your art. Give up your shit job! Focus on what you want to manifest and especially now with all this awesome new energy, you will help create the new world. Any fear you experience in the moment is just in your head. Turn it off and get back into the heart space. Faith like this creates the miracle you need.

Universal Love,

Will Reardon (Polymath)





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